Friday, February 26, 2016

Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) 11" X 14" on black

I have my classroom in my basement and after our water problem a couple of weeks ago, it gave me the opportunity to make some changes.  Clean things up, add things, etc. I like to have a wide variety of zentangle inspired art on the walls for my students to see and hopefully, be inspired by.  After one of the recent DIVA challenges of taking a tile you did years ago and redoing it with your skills of today, I decided I needed to do that with some of my old art work too.  I had a piece in my basement bathroom from 2010 and I could see that it needed updating. 

It's also nice to have examples of art for all the classes I teach.  I have a 8 sized cube of white on black tiles, but decided I needed something bigger.  I also wanted to add some new color and techniques to it.  The piece I was replacing was 11" X 14".  So I purchased a large piece of Canson Mi-teintes paper and cut it down to size.  I started with the tangle, Molygon toward the center of the paper with a Sakura White gelly roll pen.  Then I just started tangling, nothing planned, and using whatever tangles came to mind, of course some of my favorites!  I alternated between the white pen and a Sakura Metallic Gold gelly roll pen.  I have seen some really pretty color done on black recently, so I gave it a shot and added two shades of blue Prismacolor pencils to the Molygon (both the white and gold).  *Tip: When adding color pencils to black paper, put down a layer of white pencil first. Then I thought it needed some touches of blue in other tangles, so I added a little for balance. I shaded with a white charcoal pencil and a zenstone.  I also added just a little shading in some of the gold tangles with a gold metallic Prismacolor pencil.  To complete it, I took a Sakura Stardust (clear) pen and added just a touch of that to some of the tangles for some sparkle (I love that pen!). 

I mounted it in the mat and frame I had, and now I am going to hang it in my studio because I am really happy with how it turned out!  That means I need to do another piece for the bathroom wall which I originally intented on replacing.  Not a problem for me, I love working larger on ZIA's!

*NOTE:  I always tell my students to remember the Zentangle method of art is more about the process then the product, and you can let your zentangle practice take you wherever you want.  If you only like doing tile size art, that's perfectly fine!  If you are inspired to do larger ZIA pieces, that's fine too.  Do what you enjoy and is right for you


  1. It's truly beautiful, Sue! I have yet to tangle on black paper but you have inspired me to do so. I wonder if it would work over black gesso? Hmmmm..I think I'll give it a go.:)

  2. Although I enjoy all your posts, I just had to say how very creative and beautiful this one was. The blue just knocked me out and the overall pattern fell in place so beautifully. I too will work more with my black tiles, thanks so much Sue for your creativity.