Thursday, March 30, 2017


The Diva challenge this week is to use the newly released tangle, Noom. I used the black and brown pens, and now wish I would have done it on a tan tile. I also tried the clear nail polish technique from Maria at Zentangle HQ. I applied it to the Striping in the background and two corners of the Printemps.

Have a good weekend, everyone. The forecast here is calling for up to 9 inches of snow for Saturday. We have had unseasonably warm weather this spring, and the flowers, bushes, and trees, are all budding out. While we need the moisture, I am hoping it doesn't hurt all the plants too much!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

MacNCheese Tangles

The DIVA Challenge this week is to use our MacNCheese tangles, or in Laura's words...

So i thought a great challenge would be to use your MacNCheese (or Kraft Dinner as we call it in Canada) tangles.  No pressure! Enjoy the process, love each moment.  Do the ones that feel great.

I have a handful of MacNCheese tangles, so I just sat down and decided to do what Laura said, no pressure, enjoy the process, and do what feels great.  Today that was Flux and Tipple on a tan tile.  I didn't do a string or border, just began by tangling Flux, this way and that.  I love Tipple and use it a lot, and I especially love it around Flux.  I added a few aura's, made the edges black, and added shading and highlights.  It was enjoyable to just do a simple tile with some favorite tangles!

Thursday, March 16, 2017


This week at the DIVA's weekly challenge we are using Zingo, a tangle made by Indy & Mazzy.  They are the grandchildren of Rick & Maria, and Molly's children.  They made a video for the Kitchen Table Tangles series and you can see it here at this link. It is such a cute video, I watched it several times.  I love how the girls interact with each other, how they know all the Zentangle terminology, and how they teach as they tangle.  I especially love their imaginations that they share! Future CZT's, not doubt!

TANGLES:  Zingo, Paradox, Crescent Moon, Purk, Tipple

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This week's challenge from the DIVA is to try out the tangle, Amphora, by Lily Moon.  I have never used this tangle before so I used it as my main tangle focus, taking up most of the tile.  I had fun with this one and added lots of variations to it.  With graphite as the new black, I added Florz on each side with my pencil.  Fun tangle, thanks Lily & Laura!

P.S. Make sure to check out Lily's work when you go to her blog.  I see it all the time on the different FB groups and it's always incredibly beautiful! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marasu and Molygon

The Diva has challenged us this week to Duo Tangle, Marasu vs. Molygon.  I am a fan of Duo challenges since they usually make you think outside the box a little.  I used a tan tile with a black, tan, and red pen.  For shading I used graphite and a gray marker.  For highlights the white charcoal pencil and the white gel pen. 

Can you believe it's March already!  We have been lucky this year with a pretty mild winter so far, but sometimes March can be our worst month.  Winter's not over yet. 
Hope all is well by all of you.  Enjoy your weekend!