Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIVA Challenge #142 Comfort/Danger Zone

In our DIVA's own words we are challenged to do the following:

This week's challenge to find your comfort zone, and to move beyond it...into...the DANGER ZONE!  Only you know what it is that makes you feel 'safe' in the zentangle world.  This week, you can either dip a toe into the waters of the Danger Zone, or you can choose to cliff dive, fully clothed into the waters!! A little or a lot, it's up to you!

I thought about this one a lot and was going to do a black tile, because working with white on black is still a little uncomfortable for me.  Then a couple of days ago, I glanced at a book that proudly sits on my coffee table.  You know that one, the best book out there on Zentangle....The Book of Zentangle by Rick and Maria

I absolutely love the tile on the cover of this book!  I look at it a lot and marvel at how the lines weave in, out, and around each other all so effortlessly.  I also love the way they wrap around the edges and have so much dimension

Well, back to my "Danger Zone"......I have always struggled with the tangle "Umble".  I can't begin to tell you how many tiles I have thrown away when I try to add that tangle.  Not sure what it is, but I just have not been able to make it work.  So, should I "dip a toe" in the waters of the danger zone and just do a monotangle of Umble, or "cliff dive, fully clothed into the Umble Danger Zone.  I decided to cliff dive

I drew some different size circles going off the corners of my tile, and then dived into Umble.  After studying Maria's tile awhile for inspiration, I knew I had no idea how to make it weave so beautifully, but I had to start somewhere, so I dived in and just kept adding lines in the "Hollibaugh fashion" (under each other) until at last my tile was filled.  It took me a long time, because I went very slow.  While it doesn't have that beautiful effortless looking weave that Maria attains, I am quite happy with it.  Some of the edges actually look like they are wrapping around...yay!  Maybe, I will try to add Umble to my work more often...maybe? 

Thanks Laura, this was truly a challenge for me!

Monday, October 21, 2013

DIVA Challenge #141 Fengle & Quandary

Yay, another Duo-Tangle this week at the DIVA's blog!  Oh, but wait Fengle (which I love) and Quandary (which isn't one of my favorites).  Well, that's what these challenges are challenge you to try something new or practice a tangle that you might not be one of your favorites.  So, I jumped in with no planning and no string!  I just did a couple of Fengle's and added my Quandary around it (the best I could).  I really get out of sync with all those triangle shapes.  Instead of trying another, I am going with my first attempt.  I was out of town last week and was late with my entry, so this week I will be on time!  I hope all of you have a wonderful week

Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIVA Challenge #140 Monotangle, Pointillism Style

I am late getting this week's challenge posted, but it was a fun one.  Do a monotangle using Pointillism or Stippling, which is making your picture, or in this case tangle, using nothing but tiny dots.  You can vary the degree or volume of dots to create shading or highlights.  I used the tangle, Fife for this challenge.

I took an online Stippling class a couple of years ago from Geneviève Crabe of Tangle Harmony fame.  It was a fun class and I learned a lot.  You really have to have patience to do this type of art, but you can also really get in the "zen zone" too!  Here is the stippled rose and tulips I did from that class. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Challenge #139 "8s Parte Dos"

It's UMT (use my tangle) time at the DIVA'S this week. The tangle is "8s Parte Dos" by Jane Eileen. 

 I think Laura sums it up best when she says:

This is very reminiscent of W2, Huggins and Mi2 - they're all in a similar tangle 'family' if you will.

This tangle requires a bit more focus, and attention to detail - but it is WELL worth the effort!! I think the trick is to carefully line up your dots.

While I have W2, Huggins, and Mi2 down pat, it's going to take some practice to get 8s Parte Dos down.  Lots of concentration with this tangle, but it will be fun playing with it!  I love these tangles that go in, out, and under!  

Thanks for the great tangle, Jane Eileen

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIVA Challenge #138 Fun with Borders

This is a unique and fun challenge that the DIVA has going this week.  It is brought to you by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts from Zentangle, Inc.  If you follow their blog, you are aware that Maria loves borders,  and if you link to their post from Laura's post, you will see a lot of cool borders she found around their home along with her incredible tangles.  As I looked around my house, I came to realize that I don't have a lot of borders, but a lot of plain lines!  Hmmm, I need to keep my eyes open more for cooler picture frames, etc.  Then, I was walking by my dresser and saw these 3 bracelets...inspiration at last!  Here is my take on the challenge.  I am looking forward to seeing the slide show on this challenge