Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Challenge 55/Moebius Trip

Today, 1/24 is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. If you follow the DIVA's blog you know that her little guy, Artoo has Moebius Syndrome.   Moebius Syndrome is a congenital nerve disorder affecting cranial VI and VII nerves controlling the lateral movement of his face.  The challenge this week was to use the Moebius Syndrome logo as your string.  The color for this disorder is purple, so I will be wearing purple today in support of sweet little Artoo. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Tangle: ZAZZY

Music can set the mood!  I have been playing with the letter "Z" and this tangle for awhile, so on Saturday I decided to get it done and draw up the final steps.  I put on Pandora and selected music like Al Green and ended up singing to Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and a lot of others....some of my favorite Motown classics that I hadn't heard for awhile. Along with getting this tangle done, I came up with another tangle that I need to complete the steps for, and did some zentangle inspired art letters.  I had a wonderful tangling day!  So here's ZAZZY.......

There are two ways to do this tangle.  I prefer the 2nd part of the instructions and completing it in two steps with only two lines, with a more free flowing look.  That's the way I came up with it.  But after I did it that way, I took it a step further and wrote up the instructions to give it a more uniform look.  In my tile, I did it both ways.  So whichever way you prefer, have fun with it. 



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Challenge #54-Purple Haze

This week's challenge from the Diva is to use the color purple in your tile.  I just happened to have a Sakura gelly roll glitter pen in purple, so here you go...........

Hmmm, where I have I seen these colors before.....of course, the Colorado Rockies colors are purple, black, and white.  Since that was fun, I thought I'd do another.....I remembered seeing a blog post of Margaret Bremner's where she did a tangleation of the two tangles Drupe & Fracas (curve each section the opposite way) and I've been wanting to give that a try.....

Still didn't have the waves I recalled, so I did what I should have in the 1st place, and went back to Margaret's post and really looked at the details.  I discovered I need to make more of a pronounced curve in each section and maybe line up some of the lines to get that more curvy flow that she has got going on in her tangleation.  What did I learn....it's all in the details, and don't rely on this old memory of mine...look it up first!  Well, it will be fun to try again another day.

P.S.  It was my youngest daughter Lindsay's 20th birthday on the 17th (no more teenagers) and I remember both of my daughters loved the colors purple and pink when they were little.  :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Challenge #53: DIVA's new tangle-UNDINE

The DIVA is back and has launched her 2nd year of the weekly challenges that we've all come to love and look forward to each week! To start the 2nd year she has come up with a new tangle, Undine.  See her post and the steps here.  This is a fun new tangle that's easy to do and has lots of possibilities for variations.  She will also have a new feature this year.....the 1st Monday of every month will be devoted to trying out new tangles for anyone that wants to submit a tangle pattern.  I know that I can no longer keep up with all the new tangles that come out each week and look forward to this new challenge.  Welcome back, Laura!  Thanks for all the work that you and B-rad put into these challenges for us!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to all of my tangle friends.  I wish you all peace and prosperity in 2012, and of course lots of time to tangle and be creative. I had the good fortune to meet and room with Geneviève Crabe (CZT from Canada) at our CZT training in Oct 2010.  She has created some books to organize your tangles and a tangle journal for 2012.  In the journal, the left side of the page has a daily space for journal entries and the right side has a blank template for you to tangle in.  The journal side goes from Monday through Sunday each week, so I decided that I would post my tangled templates on Sunday's.  Not sure that I will get them all done, or be here to post them each week...but will give it a try.  Here is the link to Gen's website where you can order her wonderful books. 

2012 Tangle Journal week 1