Thursday, July 20, 2017

DIVA Challenge 325 PEANUCKLE

CZT, Jessica Davies is the guest host once again this week, and she is challenging us to use the official tangle,  Peanuckle. I never used to use this tangle either until I had the opportunity to learn it directly from Molly Hollibaugh who created it. If you struggle with it, make sure to watch the video link on this challenge post.  Molly does a wonderful job of breaking down this tangle.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Traveling Tangles Project

It's been awhile since I swapped any tiles for the Traveling Tangles Project, so I sent these 3 tiles out in June.  They went to Susan Rink Olsen, Michele Wynne, and Marty Greiner, along with paper folders I made to hold Bijou tiles and some blank tiles.   

So far I have these two have been completed and I will add the third when it gets posted to the FB group.  Beautiful work, ladies!
Completed by Susan Rink Olsen

Completed by Michele Wynne

Here are the tiles I received and completed..............
             Susan Rink Olsen's tissue paper dyed tiles that I completed

Michele Wynne's beautiful tiles that I completed

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DIVA challenge 324 Tangled Heart

The Diva, Laura Harms has taken a much needed summer break from the weekly challenges to spend time with her family.  Good for you, Laura! Kids grow up so fast and the more time you can spend with them is wonderful, so enjoy your summer.  Instead of stopping the challenges, Laura is offering us guest challenges.  The first one is CZT, Jessica Davies, who has challenged us to use a heart ❤️ shape as our string.  Well, this is right up my alley, as I love hearts!  I used three different shades of pink, even though the heart looks red in the photo.  Thanks, Jessica! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

DIVA challenge 323 Home

Yikes, I am really late this time! I am just posting last week's challenge from the DIVA. The challenge is Home and here it is in Laura's words....

This week's challenge is to create a tile that reflects your home.  This could be your country, or This week's This week's challenge is to create a tile that reflects your home.  This could be your country, or province/state, your city, your neighbourhood, your house, or the planet, the solar system, the galaxy or the whole universe.

My first thought was to do a heart for my town of Loveland, but I have done a lot of hearts lately, so I decided to do the state. Well, when you think of Colorado eyou most likely think of mountains.  I drew a quick string of some mountains and a river and then tangled.  I was born in Wisconsin, moved to Colorado when I was 23, and have lived here longer now.  Colorado is my home, and I love it here! 


Thursday, July 6, 2017

1st Tan Opus Tile

I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to try the tan Opus tiles.  I love the small regular tan tiles with the black and brown pens, and I love doing the white Opus tiles.  It's also been a long time since I did a Mandala too, which I also love to do.  I like to use the Mandala Stencils by Genevieve Crabe when creating a large Mandala because they save me the time of drawing all my grid lines first. You can purchase her stencils at

I started out with a Celtic Knot.  I haven't done many of these, but I like  the You Tube video's by David Nicholls.  He has a different sense of humor that will either make you laugh or you might not like at all, but he has good video's that are easy to follow.  Here is the link to the circular border knot I used.  If you do a search on of Celtic Knots David Nicholls you will see all the other videos he has.  

So here's is my 1st Tan Opus Tile......

With shading and highlighting

Prior to shading and highlighting