Friday, November 28, 2014

DIVA Challenge #195 Turning Old Into New (Take 2)

If you saw my 1st entry for the DIVA challenge, posted here, I had mentioned how I really liked putting Betweed in a grid.  The only thing I didn't like was that I made it so small.  So here is a monotangle of Betweed in a grid.  It makes such a beautiful pattern and creates a flower shape where the grid lines meet.  Here it is a lot larger..........

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DIVA Challenge 195 Turning Old into New

This week's DIVA challenge is brought to us by CZT, Sandy Hunter, and it's great!  Change the structure of the tangle....ex. if it's grid based, make it free flowing, and if it's free flowing, put it in a grid.  She gave us lots of wonderful examples to demonstrate the challenge.  I picked 3 of my favorite free flowing patterns and put them in a grid.....Betweed, Printemps, and Mooka.  My favorite turned out to be Betweed.  When I was done you couldn't see the grid and it looked like a whole new tangle pattern with a flower shape where they connected.  I shaded on the grid lines so you could see the individual Betweed.  I only wish I would have used a larger string. If I have time this week I am going to do a monotangle of Betweed in a large grid as it creates a pretty cool looking patternThanks for the interesting and fun challenge, Sandy!

Monday, November 24, 2014

DIVA Challenge #194 Embracing the Yuck

Well, I am really late for last week's DIVA Challenge!  Having done this challenge of the non-dominant hand a couple times before, I will admit that it is always my least favorite challenge.  That's why I am late and why I put off doing it until last night.  Actually, I probably would have skipped it altogether, except for the fact that I have done every Diva challenge to date and didn't want to miss one (I know I am a tangle geek, but I am proud of it). 

Okay, okay, I will admit that doing this challenge made me slow way down, concentrate on every line, and think about the process of Zentangle instead of the end result.  I still couldn't wait to finish and get that pen back in my right hand!

I really enjoyed the post by CZT, Elisa Murphy!  She has a way with words and I found myself laughing all the way through the post.  So, if you read this Elisa, my grumbling was not directed at you, just at my left hand!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sketchbook Time

I love Strathmore's Toned Gray paper!  It's so much fun to use a black Micron along with a white gel pen, and shade with both a graphite and white charcoal pencil!  I was inspired to do a border after recently teaching a border class.  Then I got further inspiration for tracing two tiles and tangling them from the work of Maria Thomas in The Book Of Zentangle What's in your sketchbook?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIVA Challenge #193 TriTangle: Trio, Huggins, & Xyp (THX)

The weekly challenge is brought to us by another guest CZT, Holly Atwater.  Here is what Holly had to say about the challenge:

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day in the United States, and Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away. In the spirit of gratitude and celebration of both of these events I would like to issue a challenge of THX (thanks). This week's challenge is a TriTangle (I love how it's almost a triangle! Is this a new word, Laura? [holly - as far i know, you just coined it - laura]!) using the patterns of:

Trio (pattern by CZT, Hanny Waldburger)
Huggins (by Zentangle)
Xyp (by Zentangle)
So, hop on over to the DIVA's blog with the above link and read Holly's post.  Her two daughters are CZT's and her dad has completed all of the DIVA challenges!  He has them organized in 3 binders with all the step-outs!  Here I thought I was maybe the only one that has done them all, LOL!  I have mine organized in one binder, but just the actual tiles! 

I really enjoyed your post, pictures, and the challenge, Holly!  Thank You!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Watercolor Wash Zendalas

While I was preparing for a Zendala class a couple of weeks ago, I saw a watercolor technique that caught my eye.  I was looking at the book "Zentangle 7; Inspiring Circles, Zendala's & Shapes by Suzanne McNeill, CZT. Suzanne is the author of a lot of great Zentangle books!  In the book on page 8, CZT Sue Jacobs shares a watercolor technique using water-based markers.  I have some water-based Tombow markers, so I gave it a try.  I used two of the same pre-strung Zendala tiles and added different color to each.  These tiles are wonderful when adding water since they are made of a 100% cotton printmaking paper.

In case you don't have the book, here are the steps:
1) Apply color from the water-based marker to a piece of plastic.
2) Using a brush filled with water, dampen the entire section you are working on.
3) Pick up some color from the plastic with a damp brush and apply color to one side of the section.
4) Wipe out extra color and use the brush to spread color over the section-it will lighten as you go.
5) Let dry completely.
6) Tangle
7) Add shading with color pencils if you desire.

In the book example, Sue tangles with different color Micron pens, and her results are gorgeous!  I used a regular black Micron on mine.  After I was done tangling, I went back and added shading with a Prismacolor watercolor pencil.  Something I am learning the more I play with color pencils, is that a little goes a long way.  I tend to put too much down and it gets pretty dark and vibrant.  Start lightly and build up the color if you like how it looks and want more

This technique is a lot of fun and one I will try again.  Who knows, it may turn into another Zendala class! 

Thanks to both CZT, Suzanne McNeill at and to CZT, Sue Jacobs at for sharing this technique!

Note:  I forgot to get a photo of the red/orange/yellow tile before I tangled on it. 




Thursday, November 6, 2014

DIVA Challenge #192 UMT: SETON

This week we a have a guest host over at the DIVA's blog, Cris Letourneau from Tangled Up In Art.  Cris is also the author of two fantastic Zentangle books;  Made In The Shade and Pattern Play.  The challenge is to use her pattern Seton.  It is one I have never tried before and lends itself to many variations.  I stuck with the basics, since this pattern was new to me, but one I like and will try again! Thanks, Cris!