Friday, January 27, 2017

DIVA's 300 Milestone challenge!

Make sure you check out the link here for the DIVA's 300th challenge, and say congrats while you are there!  300 challenges indeed! OMG this is crazy!  She can't believe it, and neither can I!  I have been doing this challenge since Laura began this journey 6 years ago, and I haven't missed a one!  Sometimes they were late, but they got done.  I have a binder full of tiles to prove it! I would have never guessed that when I started these challenges, I would still be here doing every one of them.  Every time the challenge gets to a milestone like this, I say to myself, okay I should just quit now, but then I keep on going.  I met Laura in 7/2015 and she told me "You can't quit...if I can't quit, then you can't quit either"!  So here's number 300! 

2017 Moebius Syndrome Awareness tile
#moebiusawareness #moebiuspurple

Laura has done a challenge to raise awareness of Moebius Syndrome every January since 2012, in honor of her son, Artoo (online name).  Please take a moment to read their story on her blog at the above link.  One of the perks of being with this challenge from the beginning, has been seeing both of Laura's little guys grow and the many activities of their family over the years. I have always included the Moebius Syndrome logo, the color purple, a heart, and Artoo's name on my tiles.  



Thursday, January 19, 2017


The DIVA Challenge this week is to use the new official tangle, Drawings (pronounced Draw Wings).  I love this tangle and was so happy to be part of ZenAgain where it was announced.  I used a tan tile, brown Micron, and colored pencil to create Drawings.  Then I added some Isochor in black to the background, and a white charcoal pencil for highlights

We have had 4 days now of beautiful warm weather (50's), which is warm for Jan.!  When that happens it means that it will be changing soon (the warm before the cold front hits).  Which is fine with me, we always need the moisture, and fortunately the mountains are getting dumped on this year with record snow amounts-Yay!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you call home!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Happy New Year everyone!  Well,  the DIVA challenges are back for another new year, and Challenge #298 is starting off with a UMT (Use my tangle) challenge.  The featured tangle is Orbs-la-Dee, by Anneke van Dam.  I have never used this tangle before and I really like the bold dramatic look of it.  I started with a spiral string which I then drew a curvy line around and tangled.  Thanks, Anneke!  Thanks, Laura for bringing back the challenges for another year