Saturday, September 29, 2018

Alcohol Ink Painting

I have really been absent from blogging since I now post most of my work on Instagram and/or Facebook.  Thank goodness the DIVA challenges are back or I probably wouldn't blog at all.  So, since I had Blogger open to post this week's DIVA challenge, I thought I should post some of my alcohol ink painting too.  

These are from a class I took this summer with Alexis called Florals in Bloom.....

DIVA Challenge #369 Orb-tastic

As the DIVA says, you either love drawing orbs or you hate it.  I happen to love drawing orbs and find it very relaxing and Zen like, as you get lost in making varied sizes of orbs and filling in all the little crevices.  I made a pretty traditional tile with orbs highlighting Marasu.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  

Friday, September 21, 2018

DIVA Challenge #368 Straight Lines

This week's challenge is to use only straight lines.  I'll be honest, I didn't give this challenge or tile much thought.  The 1st two tangles to come to mind were Hollibaugh and Munchin, so that's what I went with.  To me it's a boring tile.  I guess I find the curvy lines more appealing.  

I also had another art form to try this week.  My sister is throwing a girl weekend (lots of out of town wedding party) for dress shopping in Oct for her future daughter-in-law, and asked me if I could do some chalkboard sign art.  The wedding theme will be a rustic Colorado mountain wedding and their Save The Date announcement has an aspen tree with their initials and date carved in it.  She told me the wording and I came up with the design and did the art.  Having never tried something like this, I did quite a bit of research.  So glad I found out that there are chalkboard markers (who knew) to use instead of actual chalk!  This made things so much easier. This was a lot harder then it looks and I have a new respect for all of those really cool chalkboards I see! I got it done yesterday, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Hopefully, they will like it too!

Friday, September 14, 2018

DIVA Challenge 367 'Nzeppel

I love that Laura, the DIVA, has decided to ease back into tangling with some of the early (but always loved) tangles.  I have been more into playing with my alcohol inks, so this suits me fine.  I decided to look at some of the strings on and picked #012 by Barbara Finwall. Once I filled in the string with 'Nzeppel it sure reminded my of my tangle pattern Tri-Po, so I added that to the 'Nzeppel.  

Friday, September 7, 2018

DIVA Challenge #365 Back to Basics

Yay! The Diva's challenge is back after a much needed summer break. That makes me and a lot of other people in Zentangle land very happy, as we love Laura and her family!

But wait, I haven't  blogged anything since June! OMG it looks like I took a break from blogging too.  It wasn't intentional, I've been busy the whole summer creating art (either Zentangle or Alcohol Inks, my latest muse). So where is it....on my Facebook and Instagram page (both under TangledInkArt).  I've had the Facebook page for years now and after I created a website last year I was told I needed to do an Instagram page to promote my website.  I started a Tangled Ink Art Instagram page in Nov 2017 and try to post there at least twice a week, if possible.  So if you are on either Facebook or Instragram, I love for you to follow me!  Also, if you are on either, leave me your page name and I will follow you too! After all who's knows when I'll blog again.....just kidding, now that the DIVA is back I hope to blog the weekly challenges again.  After all,  90% of blog seems to be the DIVA challenges anyway, LOL!  Maybe I'll try soon to get some of my other artwork posted here soon too.

So much for my rambling thoughts today.....on to the challenge tile!

I kept it simple with tangles; Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, and Static