Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DIVA Challenge 236/Tangle Unexpected

This week the DIVA challenged us to tangle on something unexpected or something you wouldn't ordinarily tangle on. If I was home this week, I probably could find lots of things. But, we are away for awhile in our new RV, having lots of fun I might add! So, my husband is off fly fishing and I am looking around the RV wondering what I can tangle on. Hmmm, the outside is white with some beautiful designs, but too new to tangle (even for me, LOL). I think I will work up to that, and maybe someday add at least a little Bijou to the back! I tangle on the walls and doors at home, but just can't do it inside either. Aha, I spot it it now.....the Kleenex box! Although a lot more boring then the inside of outside of the RV, it will have to do...for now!

It will have tangles.....some day!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

DIVA Challenge 235/String Theory-Stripes

This week the DIVA has challenged us to put stripes on our tile for the string and tangle using any tangle patterns we want. I did a zig-zag with my stripes across the tile. I started with Beelight (4th from top), and ended up doing the tile with tangles that began with the letter "B".......Bales, Beeline, Betweed, and Bunzo.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tangle Deck by CZT, Lynn Mead (A review)

Lynn Mead/CZT  has announced that her Tangle Deck is now available to the public.  I was fortunate to purchase one at the CanTangle CZT retreat I attended this summer in Canada. 

I really love this Tangle Deck of 52 cards!

As Lynn states on the back of her card deck, she created these cards as a durable and portable reference to copy-right free tangles introduced by Zentangle® Inc.  It is a resource that includes step by step instructions, provides ideas and inspiration, and is as portable as the rest of your Zentangle supplies.

I can attest that they are very durable coated cards that appear to be as strong as a deck of playing cards. Although they are bigger then playing cards they are very portable.  I have taken them on a couple of camping trips with my other Zentangle supplies.  I also like the fact that they are bigger than playing cards!  On one side they clearly show the steps to completing the tangle pattern with a finished example.  They also show which of the 5 elemental strokes are needed to create the tangle.  Some of the cards have tips included.  On the other side of each card, is a large beautiful variation of the tangle, which is bound to inspire you.  Well, all of the art work in the deck is inspiring! 


If the cards weren't enough reason for you to purchase the deck, Lynn also added a 35 page booklet titled Tangle Deck Techniques.  It's a wonderful little book that has a host of information.  The Zentangle terminology, the materials, the steps in the processs, all about the tangle deck itself, tanglenhancers, shading, and her famous way to draw a dew drop!  All of these have pictures included!  The last section is all about tangleations and tangos.  Again, with written instructions and pictures.  Then at the very end she gives you 12 exploration exercises, which I look forward to exploring! 

All in all, I think it's a must for your Zentangle collection! 

Where can you purchase this deck....here is the link:  Tangle Deck
Note: Lynn is offering 20% off thru Sept. 30th

Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIVA Challenge #234 CanT

My, how Laura's boys are growing so fast, and such cute back-to-school pics on her blog!This week's challenge is to use the tangle, CanT, which was created by Chris Titus at the CanTangle retreat in Regina, Canada this past summer. I was at the retreat when she shared it with all of us, and knew right then it would be a hit. Chris shares a lot of variations for this tangle and once I tried it I find you really can take it in so many directions.  I did all of mine as monotangles so I could really get the feel for it.  Love it, Chris!  Glad to have you back, Laura!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Zenspirations Inspired Piece

Zenspirations dangles and designs were created by Joanne Fink.  It you just do a Google search you will come up with all of her wonderful designs and books.  I love her work

I was commissioned to do a wedding piece with the Zenspirations dangle letters.  The bride and groom both like lots of bright vivid colors...lucky me!  Congratulations to Janette & Brad!  This was a fun piece to do

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DIVA Challenge #233 ZENITH

Our DIVA is back from her summer break!  We missed Laura, but had some wonderful challenges from the guest CZT's.  This week, Laura has asked us to give the new official tangle, ZENITH a try. I haven't played with this one too much, and I quite like it. I kept it simple and added some Florz with a wonky grid, and a Zinger. 

As I have posted previously, I was fortunate to attend CanTangle (a CZT retreat) this year and to meet Laura in person.  She was kind enough to post our picture, along with many others, in her challenge blog post.  Yes, it is true that I have done all of the DIVA challenges, as I have written about  HERE,  AND HERE.  Even though I am retired, I really do have quite a busy life, and I guess this is just one of the things that I enjoy and got hooked on!  Besides that, it's given me things to blog about over all these years too, LOL.  Thanks again, Laura!  Hugs!