Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Expressive Landscapes

In the alcohol ink class I took this summer we learned how to do expressive landscapes.  Expressive landscapes are abstract landscapes that aren't planned.  It was a lesson in learning how to let the inks flow, mixing different colors, and seeing if something emerges on the paper.  I'll be honest with you, it doesn't happen every time, and sometimes I go through a lot of ink without getting anything but mud. I have also started out making a bloom or something else that's not working and it turns into an expressive landscape. It's fun to turn your paper each way and look at the different views.  It's a great technique to learn a lot about the inks themselves and how they flow with a mind of their own.  Here are three of my favorites from this summer, all done on yupo paper. 




Tuesday, November 7, 2017

MIA....where I've been and where I am now

MIA-missing in action for over 3 1/2 months!

 Well, my last blog post and last DIVA challenge was on 7/20 and 2 days later I had an unfortunate freak accident.  Without boring you with the crazy details, I severely dislocated and broke my right wrist which required surgery where they had to put in 2 screws to hold one of the main bones together.
I also ended up with some nerve damage that controls some of the fingers in my hand.  Yes, this is my dominant hand, and the last thing you want to have happen when you are an artist. So, anyway I was in a soft cast for 10 days (combination of before and after surgery) and then a hard cast for 8 weeks.  I did get to change colors at the half way point, started with pink and ended with purple.

During that time I had to learn how to use my left (non-dominant) hand for everything.  I also have a wonderful husband who helped me with so much, I can't even tell you how great he's been!  I couldn't drive, so he took me everywhere, even if it was just for a ride in the mountains when the walls at home got too small.  I did a lot of guided meditation (Headspace app) and that helped me so much!  Also, I kept hearing Maria Thomas say 'Is this a good thing, or a bad thing...who's to say"....hmmmm such food for thought!  My Mom's voice in my head (yes, I still hear it after all this time) also reminded me that things can always be worse! So true, I have my hand and it's going to get better! 

I have missed tangling during this time so much! I know I could have done it with my non dominant hand, but I just couldn't for some reason.  I guess I like the detail and comfort of my right hand when tangling.  I also had to stop the DIVA challenges, which was extremely hard since up till then I hadn't missed a one!

I had just started a 6 week online class in using alcohol inks with Alexis Bonavitacola, an artist whose work I really admire.  In the class she was teaching us to blow the inks with a straw and canned air.  Well, after seeing everyone post in our private facebook group, I was determined to try it with my left hand.  I am so glad I did because not only was I able to do it, I created some beautiful art pieces, and I continued to create throughout the rest of the class and after.  Her website is www.alexisbonavitacola.com if you want to check out her beautiful art and classes.  I can not say enough about how wonderful her class, "Energy, Motion, and Flow" was!  Here is one of my favorite flowers! 


So,  if you are still with me, that's where's I've been.  I am in a much better place now!  The nerve in my hand is coming back, slowly (I've been told it can take up to a year). I have been in physical therapy now for 4 1/2 weeks and have made incredible progress.  I do exercises at home 3x a day for 40 minutes each time.  It's a lot of time, but I am committed to it.  I want my hand back and functioning!  My surgeon tells me it will be a full year before it's all the way back, so I have a lot more therapy to go, but I'll get there. 

 As far as my art goes, I still haven't been able to tangle, but I am hoping that will be soon.  My surgeon tells me it will be very good therapy for my hand, like I didn't know that!  LOL!  I am still painting with my alcohol inks. I discovered so many techniques for working with the inks, received so much inspiration, and encouragement to take my art to the next level, as a result of the class I took. I created a website (on my own), updated my business plan, and I am starting to market my work. I kept my business name of Tangled Ink Art, since it fits both the pen & ink of Zentangle, and the Ink of Alcohol Inks.  If you'd like to take a look at my website and my artwork, I'd be very grateful!  WWW.TANGLEDINKART.COM

Also if you are on Instagram, I just created a page under TangledInkArt where I will be posting all of my work, so I love for you to follow me! 
If you go to my RedBubble store (link on my website) please follow me there too!

P.S.  I have missed all of you in the Zentangle blogging world and I am sorry I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs!  I can't wait until I can join all of you in a DIVA challenge again!