Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DIVA Challenge 286 Straight to It

This week's challenge is to use only straight lines on your tile. You can use tangles that have only straight lines, or take a tangle that has curvy lines and make it straight. This is harder then it would seem, and it made me realize just how much I do use curvy lines. I decided to make Auraknot with all straight lines (which was hard to do) and then around it I made Printemps (as round a tangle as I could think of) and made it with all straight lines. Good challenge, but bring back the curvy line!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

DIVA Challenge #285 Relax, bro!

This week's challenge from the Diva is to do a tile for the sole purpose of relaxation.  I am usually pretty relaxed when I do my tiles, but a lot of times I find myself doing them in front of the TV, while talking with other people, while I am waiting for someone or something, etc.  Not always very zen-like.  So, I took Laura's challenge, and waited this week until I was home alone, when down into my studio, lit a candle, and played Rick's flute CD.  I didn't have wine since it was only 1:00 in the afternoon (maybe I should have waited until the evening, LOL). Besides the candlelight, I had the sunlight coming in the window, which made it possible to actually see what I was doing, and it did make it a relaxing setting.  I liked slowing down, listening to the flute music, and just emptying my mind by just concentrating on my pen strokes.  No hurry, no planning, just the present moment.  Just the way I teach Zentangle.  I took a break from teaching this summer, and this made me realize that I do miss sharing that zen time with studentsHopefully, I get back in the swing of things soon!  Good challenge, Laura!

Yes, I tangle all over my blotter too!

TANGLES:  Fengle with aura's, Snail

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crazy H

Once in awhile you see a variation of a tangle pattern that just jumps out at you and you know you have to give it a try.  This happened to me for the variation of the tangle, Huggins.  You can find the steps to Huggins on Tangle Patterns, at this link...HUGGINS.  This is one of what we tanglers call an "original tangle pattern", meaning it was developed by someone at Zentangle HQ, in this case Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts (co-founders of Zentangle).  Also, I may be wrong, but I believe it was Maria Thomas who came up with the variation too.  At least, I first saw it in her work.  As always, her work is an inspiration to me to try new things.  I have seen it referred to as random Huggins, Crazy Huggins, and Crazy H (which is my favorite). 

I have always loved the tangle Huggins, so I tried this variation on a tile, and then in a couple of different sketchbooks. I really love playing with this Crazy H!  This tangle became addictive for me, it's so much fun!  It also looks so different depending on the wonky grid you make and what you fill it with.  So you can see, I love Crazy H, and will be playing it with it even more!  Don't say I didn't warn may fall in love with Crazy H too

Friday, September 16, 2016

DIVA Challenge 284 Tripoli Monotangle

This week the challenge from the DIVA is to do the tangle Tripoli as a monotangle.  In other words, as the only tangle on your tile.  I've always had a little bit of trouble with Tripoli, but Laura's tip about trying to keep the spacing between your triangles as uniform as possible, is a lot of help.  In my first tile I filled in my triangles with different patterns, and on the second tile I used the same one.  The more I practice Tripoli the better it gets, but it does take a lot of concentration for meEnjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIVA Challenge #283 Centre Square

Another 1st Monday of the month and UMT (use my tangle) feature at the DIVA's blog.  This week we are trying the tangle, Centre Square, by CZT Aleesha Sattva.  This is a very bold pattern, so I tried to keep it on the smaller size and then I ended up with a very busy tile that has lots of movement.  I still love that about Zentangle, no planning and just let it unfold before you.  I am happy with how this one unfolded before my eyes.  Thanks for another fun challenge, Aleesha & Laura! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

DIVA Challenge #282 Spill It

The DIVA's challenge this week is to spill something on your tile, let it dry, then tangle.  It can be anything, coffee, tea, watercolor, etc., anything that will leave a splotch.  I spilled some cranberry juice on my tile, but it was so light I could hardly see it, so while it was still wet, I added a drop of yellow food color, then a drop of blue and swirled it around on the splotch.  After it was dry I looked at it and turned it every which way, and hey...I see a tree!  My splotch became a tree!  I added some Printemps for a swirly sky with a gray marker and then added a little bit of sparkly blue with a Metallic Gelly Roll pen.  Fun challenge!  Enjoy the nice long Labor Day weekend everyone!