Friday, April 24, 2015

DIVA Challenge #214 Amanda/Earth Day

Wow, it's that time of year again and round 4 of the DIVA's Amanda/Earth Day challenge!  In the back of my mind somewhere I must have known this challenge was coming around again.  A couple of weeks ago I had used my watercolors on a zendala tile with blue and green.  Then I set it aside to do something with someday.  Well, isn't that just perfect for an Earth Day tile!  Last night I added some organic tangles to the green area and used a glue resist for the stars in the sky.  Then I just used my Tombow markers for some darker blue and green highlights.  Happy Day, Mother Earth

DIVA Challenge #213: Traced Object Strings

Still catching up on my missed DIVA challenges.  The week this challenge came out I was busy packing and leaving for Tangle U in Santa Fe (more to come on that later).  This DIVA Challenge was to use any kind of object you could find around the house and trace it for your string.  In March the Colorado CZT's meet for a day of sharing ideas and tangling and CZT Nancy Smith gave us all a piece of metal that comes off of a furnace filter.  She thought it would make a cool template.  Well, it came in handy for this challenges!  I traced it and filled the triangle parts with Paradox, then ended up using Paradox inside the circles too.  Simple and fun!

DIVA Challenge #212 UMT: FANZ

Oh my, oh my, I am really late on the last 3 Diva Challenges!  During the week of this challenge I was really sick with the over all crud that turned into a sinus infection.  No fun, and I am still trying to get totally over it.  I am so rarely sick, but this one is taking awhile to recover from.  I'll get there eventually.  I didn't tangle this whole week and that is a rare event for me.  I haven't missed a challenge yet, so I just had to make up these 3 challenges all at once.  This week's challenge was to use the tangle FANZ by Susan Goetter.  This is a fun little tangle that I will have to try again.  I was holding my tile sideways for awhile and my rows got kind of wonky, but it worked better if I did the tangle straight up and down.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIVA Challenge #211 Flux

This week at the DIVA's challenge we are taking another look at Flux, an official zentangle pattern.  Rick and Maria just released the step-outs in their most recent newsletter., even through Flux has been around a long time.  They each have their own version of how they draw this tangle.  I had not even realized that I changed how I did this tangle.  The year I tangled prior to becoming a CZT, I always used Maria's version (looking back on my older work confirmed this).  Then when I went to training, Rick taught Flux and from that point on (without even thinking about it) I have used his version.  Flux has always been one of my favorite tangles (mac and cheese tangle, as Maria would say).  I really like both versions and from now on will try to use both of them.  In this tile, I did both versions, with a whole lot of Tipple (another tangle I have been into lately).