Alcohol inks are permanent, acid free, highly-pigmented, and a fast drying medium used on non-porous surfaces. (ex. Yupo paper, tile, glass, metals, plastics, etc.)

Alcohol Inks are used for a number of things, such as creating fine art, backgrounds for cards, scrapbooks, ornaments, etc., the list is endless.

Since the ink is translucent, different color layering effects can be achieved. The inks can be used straight, depending on the desired effect, and individual preferences. Alcohol inks can be diluted with a blending solution or rubbing alcohol. 

The inks can be applied directly to the paper or other surface. They can also be applied with a paint brush, sponge, and many other tools.  There is also a wide variety of techniques to move the ink on the paper, such as a straw, canned air, etc.. Once the inks are on the surface there are also a wide variety of tools to create texture to your work. 

They have a mind of their own and I find them very fun to work with!

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