Saturday, October 17, 2015

INKtober Day 17

Have you ever used's pre-strung tiles?  I love them!  I have done all of them from their 1st pack, and now I just broke open their "2nd addition" pack today.  When you make your sting you are not supposed to plan it, just quickly make a line or lines and start tangling.  For me that is easier said then done sometimes.  I want to make sure I do something different, so a really easy way is to use the pre-strung thinking involved.  It's literally grab one and go for it! 

For this tile I use the Twinkling H2O's watercolor paints.  I thought I was going to do blue and green again, but what I thought looked like blue in the jar, really came out purple on paper.  I went ahead and added my green, and quickly realized it needed another color, so I added copper.  This string took a lot of tangles, and I think it has a Halloween feel to it. 

TANGLES:  Pepper, Knase, Quipple, Paradoz, Crescent Moon
Florz, Yincut, Tortuca, Cubine, Munchin, and Tipple

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  1. I like this Sue. Your combination of patterns is great. Aren't the twinkling H2Os fun to work with?