Thursday, October 29, 2015

DIVA Challenge #241 Stones & Ceremony/INKtober Day 29

The DIVA Challenge this week is guest hosted by Paula Bramante, CZT 15. 

Paula says: 
My current fascination is with stones and ceremony. Maybe you are familiar with cairns, those crowd-sourced stone piles that serve to mark the path of trails in out-of-the way places. (I say crowd-sourced because cairns are often formed by wayfarers contributing to the pile, one stone at a time).
I invite you to trust in your intuition as you move toward your own vision of stones and ceremony with pen in hand and blank tile before you.

I happen to have hiked a lot in the past 20 years in Rocky Mountain National Park and other places in Colorado, so I am very familiar with rock cairns.  Since I am directionally challenged, there have been a few hikes where I was really glad to see rock cairns marking my way!  It's funny, with all the hikes I have done, I have taken so many beautiful photo's, but not many of cairns.  There is one hike in the Flatirons of Boulder that has a field full of rock cairns.  I could not find my photo's and I am short on time today, so I did find this image of the place I am talking about online.  There are so many cairns there, you can't fit all of them in a photo! Of course, I had to add a rock to one while I was there. Very cool!

I did my challenge on a tan tile and just drew my own rock cairn. Then I had a little fun taking photos of it outside. It just needed to be with nature!  I liked all the photo's so I am sharing them all. 



                                           In the grasses outside

                               With my roses that still look great this late in fall

                                               In my front door fall wreath
This post is also double duty for INKtober Day 29!  #inktober


  1. Love your tile and I am glad that you included all the photos! Delightful!

  2. I think your tile is just fabulous, and I think it looks perfect set outdoors for the photo. I love seeing a real picture too. I wasn't imagining them so large though.

  3. Gorgeous tile - I love the love the variety of tangles, and the subtle background… and your photographic settings!

  4. Love you tile and all the backgrounds!

  5. Love your stacked pebbles, Sue! Beautiful. What an imaginative use for Zentangle.


  6. I like all the photos too! I love the subtle background on your tile.