Friday, March 27, 2015

DIVA Challenge #210 Spiral String

This week the DIVA has us using a spiral string for our challenge.  I always love a spiral string, but I decided to do something a little different.  Instead of drawing one big spiral string I started (without planning) with  Chainging going around in a spiral, until I didn't have any more room.  Then I did the same with Beadline, and last with XYP.  Turned out kind of plain, but I decided to leave it like it is


  1. I like the look of it!
    It seems to be flowing in some kind of way.

  2. I like your tile, must have been quite hard to draw Chaining as a spiral.

  3. Tolle Idee drei ├╝bereinander liegende Spiralen, die sind Dir richtig gut gelungen