Friday, July 19, 2013


I finally did it....I got my DIVA challenges organized!  Normally, I am an organization freak, so I am surprised that it took me this long to get it together....127 challenges later. Ah,  maybe retirement has mellowed me out some!  Awhile back I bought some of the plastic sleeves made especially for Zentangle tiles from and I had put some of my DIVA challenge tiles in with other tiles I had done off and on.  I also had a stack of challenge tiles in the kitchen after photographing them for my blog, and some more downstairs in my classroom on display.

I decided it was time they had a binder of their own!  With the help of my blog, I started way back at the beginning December of 2010...really, I have been doing this challenge for 2 1/2 years!  Some of my tiles had the challenge name on the back but not the number, or vice-versa, or worse yet some had neither.  That's where the DIVA's blog came in handy because she has them all numbered and named on tabs on the top of her home page.  Unfortunately, a few of the actual tiles were lost, and some were gone because I mailed them to the guess authors of the challenge, but I had them on my blog, so I was able to take and resize the pictures, print, and put them in my new binder.  Also, some of the challenges I did on the round zendala tiles, which are too big to fit in the plastic sleeves, so I printed pictures of those too and put the pictures in the sleeves.  The actual round zendala's I put in the front pocket of the binder (hopefully there will be sleeves for them someday).  The plastic sleeves hold 12 tiles (front & back) and have a little area off to the right that I used to write the number and name of the challenge. On some challenges I did 2-3 tiles

It will now be easy to just add the tiles to my new binder each week, and I can display it at classes.  It's a fun way to look back at your work and to see how much you've done.  I love my new binder!


  1. Hi - I found a sleeve for zendalas online that fits in my binder. It's actually meant for CDs and DVDs but they fit fine. Is it perfect - no, I hope there will be better ones available soon. But in the meantime...

    Innovera® IVR39301 - TWO-SIDED CD/DVD PAGES FOR THREE-RING BINDER, 10/PACK - through Amazon

  2. Thanks, Sue! I will check these out!

  3. Wow! I got tired just reading about your organizational project. I am totally impressed by what you have accomplished - doing all those challenges and then organizing them all. No wonder your work is SOOO gorgeous. It takes commitment. When I get discouraged about my progress, I'll come look at this blog entry and it will stop me from whining... I'm so glad you share with us.