Monday, January 23, 2012

New Tangle: ZAZZY

Music can set the mood!  I have been playing with the letter "Z" and this tangle for awhile, so on Saturday I decided to get it done and draw up the final steps.  I put on Pandora and selected music like Al Green and ended up singing to Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and a lot of others....some of my favorite Motown classics that I hadn't heard for awhile. Along with getting this tangle done, I came up with another tangle that I need to complete the steps for, and did some zentangle inspired art letters.  I had a wonderful tangling day!  So here's ZAZZY.......

There are two ways to do this tangle.  I prefer the 2nd part of the instructions and completing it in two steps with only two lines, with a more free flowing look.  That's the way I came up with it.  But after I did it that way, I took it a step further and wrote up the instructions to give it a more uniform look.  In my tile, I did it both ways.  So whichever way you prefer, have fun with it. 




  1. like alot, thanks for sharing, love 'n greetz, Ellen

  2. A fantastic new tangle!
    I like the round variation as well.
    Thanks Sue, I cannot wait to try it out.

  3. wow that's amazing! i love it "in the round" and am always looking for circular patterns to balance out the hundreds of tangles that are drawn on square grids.

  4. Is anyone allowed to use these tangles? I wanted to make cards for people and would like to use most of them without copyright. If they require copyright permissions where wouldni apply?

    1. None of my patterns have copyrights and you are free to use any of them that you wish.

  5. I love this Sue, this is awesome and easy to do and I might remember this one without having to look it up. LOL
    Dorothy in Colorado Springs

  6. Love this, Sue!

    Cindy in GJ (new tangler)

  7. Loveing this, i recently saw Zentangle on a blog a design for called Black pumpkins messy studio and wandered how on earth she created such stunning work. Through blog hopping I have come across your beautiful blog and your work is also so very inspirational, so now do i take it that step further and have a go.... Thank you for the tutorial xx

  8. I LOVE this one, Sue. And all the different possibilities, especially the round one. Very versatile. Thanks.