Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I found these ceramic ornaments at Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist tangling on them.  I added some fun ribbon and this is how I spent black Friday.  So much better than shopping...at least for me!


  1. ooooooh! Those are lovely! I'd like to do that...will my micron pens work on ceramic? Did you seal them with anything?

  2. Gorgeous!! They certainly bear your distinct artistic flair.

  3. Thank you ladies! Ann, I used my micron pens on them and I used some oil based paint pens (gold & silver). The paint pens had a bigger nib and I liked the microns better. I tried sealing one with a clear coat spray, but it smelled really bad, so I am not sealing any more. The microns should last forever on them, as they do on paper. Have fun. Sue