Saturday, November 19, 2011

Challenge 48 -Tri Shapes

I want to thank Laura Harms, at I Am The Diva blog for graciously letting me host the challenge this week.  I don't always have the time to look at everyone's entries so it was a lot of fun to read your comments and visit all of you blogs to see your beautiful work this week.  I tried to leave a comment on all of your blogs, and apologize if I missed anyone. 

It was interesting to see how we all like and dislike different things, including myself.  Some found the string hard, some loved it.  Some found trying new tangles hard, some loved it.  It's hard for me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new tangles too, but I have found some tangles I really love by doing that and hope some of you did too. 

Thanks again, Laura, for challenging us each week to try new things and helping us all grow with the art of Zentangle!

(I am posting my tile that you've see already on Laura's blog just for a record on my blog)

Tangles:  Zuan Shi, Sanibelle, Gloven, Amaze, Krli-Q's, Rosé


  1. Lovely tangles you used Sue and thank you for hosting this week's challenge.

  2. I love the tri-shapes string idea!

  3. Great challenge, and lovely response. It was fun to check out not often used patterns, and creating art out of them.
    I always look forward to your creations.


  4. Thanks for coming up with this great challenge - and your piece is fabulous! I love the krli-q at the top and your choice of patterns is SO cool!

  5. Just beautiful. Really enjoyed your challenge.

  6. Sue, one thing I leard while I was doing this challenge. To be forced to use new patterns keeps you flexible and after overcoming the first awe it was such a fun to make it. Since I am relatively new on Zentangle there are a lot of patterns I havn't use until now. In your tile I like Zuan Shi the most and I will try that soon. Thank you!

  7. thanks for hosting this challenge. it's fun, i find myself using the tri shapes when i'm at a loss for a string. :D (PS - slideshow is coming up!! working on it as we speak!!)