Monday, August 8, 2011

Playing with Lines

When I went back to CZT training last October, one of the many things that really inspired me was the art journal of Maria Thomas.  I gazed at and admired that little black book a lot!  I took a picture of two of the pages that had just incredibly beautiful line work.  I was looking thru my pictures from the training this past weekend and came across those pages again. When I looked closer, Maria had written that her inspiration was Houshang Seyhoun.  So, of course, I had to look him up.  He is known as the "father of Iranian architecture" and was very prominent in the 1950's for his design work.  I found his facebook page that shows a lot of his art work and the beautiful line work that was Maria's inspiration. 

Another artist who does beautiful line work is Justine Ashbee.  I found out about her work on Margaret Bremner's blog Enthusiastic Artist.  There is also a tangle, JASH that was created by Phine that you can see here.  I have played around with this tangle on some bookmarks in the past but nothing bigger.

So, I did a little playing with lines the past two days.  What fun it is to just have your lines go here and there in different directions.  I also did some with the Micron pen (which I like better) and some with a fine line Bic pen for some different colors.   While I know that these are no where close to the quality of Maria Thomas, Houshang Seyhoun, and Justine Ashbee, I thank all of them for the inspiration! 


  1. Wow! These are all so amazing. I find the pink one especially intriguing.

  2. I love the soft, flowing look of these pieces.

  3. All are absolutely beautiful

  4. My words exactly...absolutely beautiful!!

  5. I'm very impressed by these.
    So beautiful and inspiring!