Friday, August 12, 2011

Challenge #34 Opposites Attract

Another great challenge at I am the Diva blog from a returning guest challenger Christina at stART
Create your string using EITHER straight lines alone, or solely curving shapes and then fill the string with its opposite!
If you used the straight-line string, fill it with curves and orbs and other soft tangles.
If you used the curvy string, try to fill it using only grid-based and angular tangles.
Here's my contibution to this week's challenge using both a straight line and curvy stings.  Thanks ladies!


  1. Hi Sue - I love your tangles. I am especially intrigued by the one in the lower left corner of the second tangle. The eliptical shape that is filled in with different length lines...I have looked and looked for it on and can't find it or how to do it. Could you tell me how it's done? Thanks a mil! Always love your art!

  2. Hello Ann, The lower left hand corner of the 2nd tile is a version of Hurry. It is an official zentangle tangle, but instead of lines all 4 ways, I only did them two ways, rotating the lines each time. If that doesn't make sense send me your email and I will try to explain further. The link to Hurry is on tanglepatterns. com also. Thanks you for your kind words!

  3. I like how your 2nd tile looks almost like geometric Easter eggs. But I really love your first one. The single, little curls at top and bottom are the perfect little touch.

  4. These are both terrific.
    Sydney, Australia