Friday, January 11, 2019

DIVA Challenge #380 Zenbuttonz, and more

First of all a big Congratulations to the DIVA, Laura Harms/CZT for 8 years of doing her weekly challenge on her blog!  What a amaZing accomplishment!  

As some of you know I was one of the people with her from the beginning and did every challenge up to #325 when I severely dislocated and broke my right wrist of my dominant hand.  I missed 20 challenges then and came back for another 12 or so.  Then I was out of the weekly habit and now have missed a few off and on.  I am going to try and do better this year and get back into doing them again.  I really enjoy the challenges, watching Laura's kids grow and change, and seeing all the art from everyone involved in the weekly challenge.....I've missed you guys!

This week's challenge in Laura's's a circle.

I've love seeing and doing a few of these Zenbuttonz since they first appeared on FB.  I never got a spinner,  just one more rabbit hole to go down, and believe me I'm in enough right now.  Since you don't really need one to do these Zenbuttonz, I've been doing them by just drawing circles and dividing the circles in sections, like a Zendala. Then I add color with colored pencils, markers, or whatever strikes me that day.  The only thing different I've been doing is using Reticula and Fragments to fill in the sections.  I'm sure most all of you have heard about Reticula and Fragments from Rick and Maria.  If not, you need to get their book, "The Zentangle Primer 1", which explains it in detail.

I also went back go ZenAgain (a reunion of CZT's) last Nov. (still need to blog about that) and they released a new book called,  "A Zentangle Collection of Reticula and Fragments".  They started collecting art work for this book from all the CZT's that were at ZenAgain2016.  I am honored to have my art work in this book!  It's a pretty neat book that's fun to use and the proceeds all go to the Zentangle foundation, which helps provide scholarships for people to attend CZT training.

Book Cover

My Work

More of my work on bottom row

If you are still with me, here is my Zenbuttonz for the challenge.  I used a tan tile, traced some circles , and used Tombow markers (water based) to make the background color. Once it was dry, I tangled using a black and brown Micron and Reticula and Fragments.   
I do love making these Zenbuttonz!

 I haven't been blogging very much at all.  Maybe, I'll get better in 2019, but no promises.  It's just been easier for me to put my work on IG and FB.  If you are on either, you can follow me at Tangled Ink Art on both.  Thanks for your visit!


  1. Absolute beautiful Zendala with such wonderful colours, I love it!!!

  2. Love your Zen button, so nice how bright the colors are with the Tombows! I always look out for your contribution for the Diva Challenge, you're one of my favorites!

  3. Wow, I love this zenbutton!!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog; since yesterday I feel a bit better, but still very, very tired.

  4. So beautiful and harmonious zenbutton. Lovely colouring,too!
    About blogging my thoughts are similar to yours. It´s really easier to post on IG (FB is not my favorite media). But I have have many blog readers and many of them aren´t on IG and FB.

    I just found you on IG and I follow you now!