Friday, September 7, 2018

DIVA Challenge #365 Back to Basics

Yay! The Diva's challenge is back after a much needed summer break. That makes me and a lot of other people in Zentangle land very happy, as we love Laura and her family!

But wait, I haven't  blogged anything since June! OMG it looks like I took a break from blogging too.  It wasn't intentional, I've been busy the whole summer creating art (either Zentangle or Alcohol Inks, my latest muse). So where is it....on my Facebook and Instagram page (both under TangledInkArt).  I've had the Facebook page for years now and after I created a website last year I was told I needed to do an Instagram page to promote my website.  I started a Tangled Ink Art Instagram page in Nov 2017 and try to post there at least twice a week, if possible.  So if you are on either Facebook or Instragram, I love for you to follow me!  Also, if you are on either, leave me your page name and I will follow you too! After all who's knows when I'll blog again.....just kidding, now that the DIVA is back I hope to blog the weekly challenges again.  After all,  90% of blog seems to be the DIVA challenges anyway, LOL!  Maybe I'll try soon to get some of my other artwork posted here soon too.

So much for my rambling thoughts today.....on to the challenge tile!

I kept it simple with tangles; Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, and Static


  1. So nice to "see" you again Sue. I love this tile. The Crescent Moon symmetry within the Hollibaugh is great. I love seeing all of these variations of Crescent Moon. It's my favorite Mac 'n Cheese pattern 😉

  2. nice to see you online, sue! and I really like how you used crescent moon in this tile!

  3. Ahhh, I see us all gathering again around the Diva Challenges. How fun. I too like how you used Hollibaugh and Crescent Moon together. I think everyone did something very different with the tangles on this one. Makes it very interesting. Glad to "see" you again. :-)

  4. Wow, this tile is gorgeous; it's so good to go back to basic don't you think? I'l go follow you on FB. I'm on it to as Annemarie Huijts

  5. Nice tile and nice to see your work again!