Friday, October 28, 2016

Traveling Tangles Project

There is a group on Facebook called Travelling Tangles Project and it currently has over 1200 members.  Here is a copy of the description of the group....

Travelling Tangles is a collaborative project that aims to show how the Zentangle® method can bring people from around the world closer to one another. The idea is that you will draw on an original Zentangle tile but only finish the drawing half-way. Then you will send it off to another person for him/her to complete it. In exchange, they too will half finish a tile and send it to you for you to complete. Both you and the other person will then each keep the tile you have received. 

This group is open to everyone- the more the merrier.

How fun is this!  I am starting out slowly, so I don't have too many tiles waiting to be completed, but I definitely wanted to be a part of this tile exchange.  I love to send and get happy mail for all over the world!   I am posting what I have done and received so far, and I hope to have more posts in the near future.

Does this sound fun to you?  If so, join the group, and you too can send and receive happy mail!

It started out with 4 of us at a Coffee Shop.  We each did part of a tile and passed it on to be completed.  I did not get before pics and only got 3 completed ones.
This is also when I joined the FB group.

Pat Mathes/CZT started with the zen gem and tangles Quandu & Tipple
I completed the tile with tangles Betweed, Poke Leaf, Finery, Fife, and Tipple

I started this tile with tangles Ischor & Chainling
CJ Petersen/CZT completed it with Poke Leaf & Yincut

CJ Petersen/CZT started this tile with NZeppel & Fife
I completed it with Knightsbridge, Fescu, Diva Dance, & Zinger

I sent out these 4 tiles next, along with a Bijou tile, and Bijou tile holder.
Sue B. from Australia completed tile #1
Sue sent me these beautiful tiles and I completed them.

Sabrina K. from Finland completed #3 and a Bijou tile  

Sabrina send me these beautiful tiles and I completed them

Michele W. from CA completed tile #4 and a Bijou tile 

Michele sent me these beautiful tiles to complete.


Tile # 2 is still waiting to be completed.  I currently have 2 tiles waiting to be completed that I hope to get to soon!  I will do a post when they are done, along with the ones I send out to their creators. 
If you are still with me through this long post, I encourage you to join the group, it's a lot of fun! 



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  1. I love the TT Project. It's added another dimension to my tangling life. I love seeing the collaborations between people, whether it's on the Facebook page or on people's blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures and I hope our paths might cross on there one day!