Friday, January 8, 2016


In early December 2015 I had a table show at our library which I wrote about in this post.  For the show I decided to try something different for bookmarks.  I made the traditional long ones, but also thought it might be neat to make some out of Zentangle tiles.  I took some pre-strung tiles and put watercolor on them.  After they were dry I tangled them.  I put my blog info on the back and laminated them.  I sold quite a few, but have quite a few left too.  I always make more then I need.  I plan to put a few around town for fun.  Who knows, maybe someone will be interested in a class

Pre-strung tiles painted with watercolor
After they were tangled
Wish I would have taken pic before laminating!
Watercolor and then tangled
Traditional black and white
Watercolor and then tangled




  1. Love them! They are so bright & fresh looking. Yes, leave them here & there like the Art Abandonment Project does. Great idea!:)

    I wish you were closer to me. I'd love to take your classes....sigh.