Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tangle U 2015 Santa Fe- Part One

This was the 3rd year for Tangle U, an event that is held for CZT's only, to further our Zentangle related teaching education and get together with CZT's from all over the world.  Yes, there were a handful of CZT's that attended from other countries too!(Canada, England, Australia, Taiwan, The Netherlands, and maybe more) .  This event is planned and organized by CZT Elaine Huffman every year, and she does a great job with it!  The first two years were on the east coast, but this year it was in Santa Fe, NM, April 16-19th. (Yes, I am just getting around to writing about it now)  How could I not go when it is only 7 hours away by car! I am so glad I did, despite not feeling well and trying to fight off a nasty sinus infection the whole time I was there, it was still fun. 

There were a wide variety of classes offered and I enjoyed the ones I attended.  I learned several new techniques and class ideas that I will be sharing soon!  I also had some free time to explore Santa Fe and will be posting those pictures tomorrow in Part Two.

It was also fun to see and meet some (too many to meet everyone) of the CZT's I have only known through our CZT group on Facebook.  It's always a wonderful energy to be around like-minded people who understand and love Zentangle! 

I didn't take pictures in the classes, but here are some from in and around the event.

A large bag of art goodies! YAY!

The following are pics of ZIA that people brought to share...eye candy!

Before the event we were asked to make a tile to swap with a Santa Fe theme.  Santa Fe is famous for their Talavera tiles, so we used those tiles as our theme.  Look at all the beautiful tiles!
I received this gorgeous tile by Maria Vennekens/CZT3
from The Netherlands.  Thanks so much Maria, I love it!
This is the one I made.....wonder who got it?

Holly Williams and Tim Macomber
 entertained us at the banquet.
Holly is a former student of mine,
 my friend, and fellow Loveland CZT!

Me and Kathie Gadd.  
Kathie is another former student, friend,
and fellow Colorado CZT!

Elaine Dumler, Pat Mathes, and me...
All Colorado CZT's!
I really enjoyed getting to know Elaine more,
and Pat is another former student and friend!



  1. How do you sign up for this? I'd love to go next year. I will be a CZT by then. WooHooo!!!!

    1. Congrats on becoming a CZT! Elaine announces every year when registration opens on the CZT FB group and the CZT Yahoo group. Next year it will be in April in Maine.

  2. Hi Sue! I'm having fun perusing your blog. :) AND I just saw a picture of the only item I took to share! It's in the bottom left corner of your 3rd photo of the sharing tables ... the heart. :-)) I so enjoyed the Talavera Tile swap. How lovely to receive Maria Vennekens'! I received Marie Browning's. Wow. I do hope to attend Tangle U again. It was a fabulous experience!

    Best regards ~ Jan Brandt, CZT XII, Reno, NV

    1. I love your heart, Jan! The swap was fun, and lucky you to get Marie Browning's tile!