Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIVA Challenge #140 Monotangle, Pointillism Style

I am late getting this week's challenge posted, but it was a fun one.  Do a monotangle using Pointillism or Stippling, which is making your picture, or in this case tangle, using nothing but tiny dots.  You can vary the degree or volume of dots to create shading or highlights.  I used the tangle, Fife for this challenge.

I took an online Stippling class a couple of years ago from Genevi√®ve Crabe of Tangle Harmony fame.  It was a fun class and I learned a lot.  You really have to have patience to do this type of art, but you can also really get in the "zen zone" too!  Here is the stippled rose and tulips I did from that class. 



  1. Wow, the new and the two old ones are beautiful!

  2. Wonderful tile with these highlights! The rose and the tulip are beautiful!

  3. Your tile is lovely, and I love the rose and tulips.