Monday, September 16, 2013

DIVA Challenge #135/New Official Tangle "Well" & Trip to Montana/Wyoming/Idaho

Once again,  I am late creating and posting my tile for the weekly DIVA challenge. We took a trip to Idaho last week to visit my father-in-law, Kermit (91 and going strong).  Normally, it's a one day drive, but we decided to go a different route and make it a two day trip.  We toured the Little Big Horn National Monument on the 1st day.  On the second we went over the Bear Tooth Hwy (One of America's most beautiful roads) with views of 20 peaks reaching over 12,000 feet in elevation and some of the most rugged landscapes in the country.  If you ever get the chance, this drive is incredible and I would highly recommend it!  Then we entered Yellowstone National Park (one of our favorite places) at the northeast entrance and toured the park for the day before heading to Kermit's in Idaho Falls, where we spent the rest of the week.

We got home on Saturday afternoon to a rain soaked and flooded (in parts) Larimer County, Colorado.  It rained just about the whole week we were gone, and rained again all day yesterday. We are fortunate that we are not close to any of the rivers and our home is okay.  The schools were closed on Friday and again today due to so many roads being closed.  It is so sad watching the local news and seeing how so many areas in the state of Colorado have been affected by this flood.  Please keep our state in your thoughts and prayers as the rescues continue and the clean-up begins this week!

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