Friday, March 15, 2013

Moments to Treasure with the Hawaiian CZT's

A wise person once told me that it only takes a moment to make someone smile....I love that! 

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to take a 14 day cruise to Hawaii.  It was a last minute (6 weeks out) 1/2 price deal the we couldn't refuse, and are so glad we didn't.  We had never been to the islands before and we knew that while it may not be the best way to see Hawaii, instead of a week on one island,  we did get to spend a day on each of the 4 islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii, and we both love cruising.  So we checked out books from the library and did our research and picked the places we wanted to see that were within distance of our ports.  We made the most of every day, and really every moment.  Each night we got back on the ship we were so blown away by all the beauty of the islands! 

I sent an email to the Hawaiian CZT's (Lois & Earl Stokes and Julie Evans) who all live on the Big Island asking for suggestions of things to see while there, and if there was any way we could meet, even just for a few moments, to share a cup of coffee or tea or whatever we could work out.   All of them were so great in responding and giving us wonderful suggestions.  It turned out that they both live close to two attractions we wanted to see, so we rented a car when we got to Hilo.  As it turned out our ship was an hour late getting into port and there was quite a wait getting to the airport to rent the car. (Is it a good thing, is it a bad thing....who's to say! We love this way of thinking that Maria shared on the zentangle blog that you can read about here.)   So while we didn't have the time to share that cup of coffee or tea, we did get to meet each other for a few moments, share some conversation and hugs, and we were all smiling! 

We met Lois & Earl at their beautiful home.  They live in the middle of a tropical rain forest that is just incredible.  We got to enjoy their home, yard, studio, and work they are doing.  Earl is recovering from a stroke and has such a great attitude about taking it one stroke, one step, one day at a time (sound familiar).  Lois has that soft and peaceful voice that she sends all of us her wonderful whispers with.  Mahalo, Lois & Earl!

After see Lois & Earl we did a quick tour of Volcano National Park and then headed the other direction to Akaka Falls, where Julie was kind enough to meet us. We again were able to have a short conversation, with hugs and smiles!    Julie said that Akaka Falls was like being in the movie, "Honey, I shrunk the kids", and she was right.  The beauty of the falls and the size of the trees and plants in the park were incredible.  Mahalo, Julie!
 My picture with Julie was accidently deleted from my PC.

It's so great to meet other CZT's!  In just a few short moments you can feel the love and energy that Zentangle has brought to our lives. 


  1. Whispering Aloha to you Sue and Doug. Earl and I really enjoyed your visit ~ so filled with the Zentangle and Aloha Spirit. We hope that you will return to the islands again. In Hawaii we say: a hui hou ~ until we meet again.

  2. What a treat, I am having lunch today with friends who have just returned from a cruise around the Hawaiin Islands! They loved it all too!!