Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Diva Challenge #106: The Year of the Snake

Once again, Laura Harms (the Diva) has come up with another fun weekly challenge!  To celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year, we are to be inspired by the year of the snake.  Here are a few facts I found out about the year of the snake, for those of you born in those years.....

The Snake

Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve. This could be taken metaphorically to mean that a Snake could never have a problem with his family starving because he is such a great mediator, making him good at business. Or it could mean that a Snake would be willing to sacrifice his possessions, something the Snake has a lot of, in order to pay for his family’s food. Any way it is interpreted is representative of the Snake’s character and is a measure of the value he puts on his material wealth. The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise.

Years of the Snake

Snake Years are sixth in the cycle, following the Dragon Years, and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Snake Year actually begins.



The Snake is the intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animal Signs. They are attractive people who take cries with ease and do not become flustered easily. They are graceful people, exciting and dark at the same time.

Contemplative and private, the Snake is not outwardly emotional. He can appear cunning and reticent and works very modestly in the business environment. The Snake will plot and scheme to make certain things turn out exactly as they want them to. They are not great communicators and can become quite possessive when they set their minds on achieving the interest of a partner.

I found this shape online and thought it made a really nice string!



  1. Great information Sue and you created such a smart looking snake!

  2. Love how you used many tangles to make the snake's body!

  3. A great looking snake!
    Perfect combination of tangles!

  4. Great post! Your snake is charming (did I say that?).

  5. What a beautiful interpretation. And thanks for all of the info also.

  6. What a beautiful snake. I really like the tangle you used on the left hand side on the bottom half. I don't think I know what that one is called.

  7. Now this is a snake without it really looking like a snake! Cleverly designed, and very nicely tangled. Love it!

  8. Very charming snake and beautifully