Monday, October 29, 2012

Tombow Markers & Pre-strung Tiles

I was playing with my tombow markers this weekend and decided to try them on two pre-strung tiles.  I put the color in all the areas of the pre-strung tiles.  In the first one I tangled on top of the color in each section and was ready to do the same in the second, but then decided to tangle around the outside of the color.  I just couldn't stop there for some reason, and added the Poke Leaf on the color.  I love playing with the color, and now that I am half way through my pre-strung tile pack, I can tell you that I really love the pre-strung tiles even more than I thought I would!  I think they help in getting you out of a string rut, where all of yours own strings start to feel the same.  I just might need to get another pack for myself.  :)

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