Thursday, October 6, 2011

Challenge #42 "HOPE"

The Diva's weekly challenge this week is all about HOPE in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Read all about the challenge here

HOPE:  To wish for something with expectation of it's fulfillment.

As I thought about the challenge this week, I thought about how we live with hope every day for one thing or another.  When we are young, it's the little things we hope for ( I hope he or she likes me, I hope I pass the test, I hope it snows and school is cancelled, etc.)  As we grow, we hope for bigger things ( I hope I will get married, I hope I will get that job, I hope I will have children, I hope they are healthy, etc.)  Hope is a very important thing to have and really gets put to the test when we, our family members, and/or friends have any kind of  health issue.  Hope also interacts with our faith.  I am sure there are tons of books written about hope alone. 

Back in Dec of 2010 I posted instructions for my tangle, HOPE which was based on the shape of the cancer ribbons.  My good friend, Jody came up with the idea for the tangle.  Jody lost her battle with cancer this May, but we were all hopeful for a long time.  I also lost a cousin and an aunt to cancer this year, but I still have hope and faith that everything is as it should be.  A smart woman, who I lost when I was 18, used to say "If you have your health, you have everything". (Thanks, true)

As I said in my post back then...All of our lives have been touched by cancer in some way, relatives, friends, co-workers, fellow tanglers, etc., so take a moment to reflect, pray, or connect with spirit and/or the universe to send out some loving thoughts to those going through this fight and for their families and friends.  

This one's for you, Jody!
" I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.  I do not judge the universe"  Dalai Lama

" Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"  Albert Einstein

And from one of my favorite singers...."It doesn't matter to what God you pray, precious time is is slipping away"  Van Morrison


  1. Beautiful. I love it! Thank you for this inspiration,

  2. You have created a lovely attribute to those whom you love...very nice!

  3. It's beautiful again Sue!
    Thanks for sharing!
    (Great quotes)

  4. Great post - full of hope and inspiration out of your loss - thanks for sharing that - great tile too!