Friday, February 25, 2011

Challenge #10 The Space Between

This week's weekly challenge from I Am The Diva was to create a zentangle and leave some open space.  As soon as I read her post and the title of the challenge, The Space Between, the Dave Matthews song of the same title started going through my head, which is funny because Laura said she had the Beatles song, Within You Without You, going through her head when she came up with the challenge and I am a bigger Beatles fan then I am a Dave Matthews fan.  So, all week whenever I thought about getting my tile done for the challenge, there was Dave Matthews singing in my head again......

Take my hand
'Cause we're walking out of here
Oh, right out of here
Love is all we need here

The Space Between
What's wrong and right
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you
The Space Between
Your heart and mine
Is the space we'll fill with time
The Space Between...

I wasn't crazy about the first one, so I tried another........the space between........


  1. Love them both, but the second one really 'sings' to me.

    Thanks always for your nice comments about my ZT's ;-0

  2. I like both of them also. I love the betweed in the top.

  3. I love them both, I also did two tangles this week not so craz about my first so it did not get posted. It is funny how music and tangleing go hand in hand.

  4. I am a betweed fan and a circle fan so I like both.

  5. I really like them both! In the first one Betweed feels like wings, lifting the pattern they surround...don't know that name of that one but it's pretty. Beautiful second tangle too!

  6. They're both beautiful, but the 2nd one is my favorite! Very pretty!!

  7. These are gorgeous Sue... I absolutely Love the balance of the second one, especially. xoxo