Friday, January 24, 2014

DIVA Challenge #151 Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

Each year our DIVA, in honor of her son, Artoo has a challenge dedicated to making all of us aware of Moebius Syndrome, which you can read all about on her blog here).  Today, January 24th is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. This will be the third year I have made a tile with the Moebius Syndrome logo and looking at the past 2 years I noticed that I have always used the color purple (the color for MSAD), hearts, and Artoo's name. Why change a good thing!

2014 Challenge

Since I was looking at the past years tiles, I thought you might want to see them too!

2013 Challenge...the logo looks blue in pic, but it is purple!

2012 Challenge


  1. These are favorite is the very first one!

  2. They all look great. I really like the hearts in this years and the use of purple as shading.

  3. What a difference, nice to see. I love the new one, the woven hearts are great!

  4. All are beautiful! My favorite is the second one!

  5. These are all really nice and well done. You can almost feel the love that went into them for Artoo!

  6. You have given us 3 very beautiful tiles! I love that you have put so much effort into this challenge!