Friday, February 4, 2011

Challenge #7 Breathe

When I gave my 1st couple of Zentangle classes last weekend, I wondered if I had said that too many times.  Each time the students would pick up their pens to start a new tangle and I said those words, and I could see them all take a nice relaxing breath and then a smile would cross their faces, so I don't think we can be reminded of this too many times!   Even though I didn't get to this challenge until late in the week, I was so glad to have read the challenge on Monday, because I needed to be consciously aware of my breathing all week.  It was one of those weeks, that we all have from time to time....spending a long day with a friend in the hospital oncology unit, waiting for 5 days of biopsy results to come back on a family member, a week of sub-zero weather, preparing tax returns, etc.....breathe, breathe, breathe was my mantra.  

I have practiced yoga off and on for years, and this year I convinced my husband to give it a try.  We now do a yoga CD at home 3 days a week, when we return from the gym.  Much to his surprise it has helped his back a lot!  I love that we again are reminded to focus on relaxed breathing. 

I am submitting 2 tiles to the challenge, as I said, I really needed to focus on relaxed breathing this week.  For both of them, I decided not to look at any of my pattern books, but just sit with my tiles, breathe, and do whatever patterns came to mind.  Thanks, Laura for another great and much needed challenge!


  1. they look like a breath of fresh air............beautiful .maria

  2. They are very light and airy! Wonderful!

  3. I love these! As Joni says 'light and airy'.

    For both of them, I decided not to look at any of my pattern books[…] Do have them beside you normally? I was quite astonished when I read it. And a little reassured, that even CZTs look for inspirations in their pattern books ;-) .
    As I enjoy reading your blog and letting me inspiring by your art.
    Thank you!!!

  4. I am breathing happily when I enjoy your tangles!

  5. These are great. I love your designs.

  6. Absolutely Beautiful, Sue! Your work reminds me of Maria's... and yet there's a definite stamp of your own personality to it too. And I ♥ your use of counter space... fantastic balance and freshness in all your ZTs! =)

  7. I like them both; does this mean you're breathing twice as much? *G*