Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crazy H

Once in awhile you see a variation of a tangle pattern that just jumps out at you and you know you have to give it a try.  This happened to me for the variation of the tangle, Huggins.  You can find the steps to Huggins on Tangle Patterns, at this link...HUGGINS.  This is one of what we tanglers call an "original tangle pattern", meaning it was developed by someone at Zentangle HQ, in this case Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts (co-founders of Zentangle).  Also, I may be wrong, but I believe it was Maria Thomas who came up with the variation too.  At least, I first saw it in her work.  As always, her work is an inspiration to me to try new things.  I have seen it referred to as random Huggins, Crazy Huggins, and Crazy H (which is my favorite). 

I have always loved the tangle Huggins, so I tried this variation on a tile, and then in a couple of different sketchbooks. I really love playing with this Crazy H!  This tangle became addictive for me, it's so much fun!  It also looks so different depending on the wonky grid you make and what you fill it with.  So you can see, I love Crazy H, and will be playing it with it even more!  Don't say I didn't warn may fall in love with Crazy H too

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love this variation too! One of the best things about Zentangle - there is always more variations and more to learn. Thanks again Sue!