Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Mandala/Zendala Fun

At my "Beyond the Basics" class I spend about 30-40 minutes on strings, tangle enhancers, shading techniques and then we complete one tile with tangles that take a higher level of concentration. After that I let the students pick what they want to work on......more tiles, ensembles, zentangle inspired art, or mandala's/zendala's.  Recently I met with a really nice lady from Texas who had taken a basic class there and was here in Colorado with her family visiting her mother on vacation.  She requested a private "Beyond the Basics" class and she choose to work on mandala's/zendala's.  We made the same template from scratch, doing a little math, etc...and sat down and had fun talking and tangling together.   Of course, the time flew by as it always does when you are tangling and we didn't finish, but we did email each other our results.   As in true Zentangle fashion, even though we started with the same mandala outline (string) we ended up with our own unique results.  She also said she would call me next year when she visits Colorado to play with Zentangle.  How nice to make another new tangle friend.  So good to meet you "M"!

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