Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DIVA Challenge #276 Moving Tangles

I am finally catching up on posting last week's DIVA's challenge!  I had it done, but didn't get around to posting it.  I feel as if I have been in "catch-up" mode with everything since returning from our month long trip to the Pacific Northwest.  (catching up on laundry, cleaning, mail, email, and the big boring list goes on).  No worries though, and I don't put unnecessary pressure on myself any longer, so I will get there when I get there.  Retired life is good that way, and I am still making time to tangle every day....need that Zen time! 

Back to the challenge, which is to tangle from something moving.  (car, train, subway, bus, etc.)
On our RV travel trip we went 5120 miles, and believe it or not, I never tangled.  I thought it may make me car sick, and I didn't want to miss all the new scenery.  So I went out on my patio and tangled in my glider, while keeping it in constant motion.  I found it was very hard to put any pressure on the pen and the lines are wobbly and scratchy looking.  I wanted to try and fix it when I stopped, but I embraced the suck, and now I am sharing it.  I liked this challenge about as much as I like the non-dominant hand challenge-NOT!  LOL!

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