Thursday, June 11, 2015

DIVA Challenge #221 Beads of Courage

This week at the DIVA challenge is to use the Beads of Courage organization as our inspiration.  Laura does this challenge every year and raises funds for this wonderful organization.
Here is part of what Laura says on her blog explaining what the organization does....

Beads of Courage is an Arts in Medicine that supports kids with chronic or life threatening illnesses and their families.  These kids are amazing.  And they more often than not have to deal with a lot on a daily basis.  They see a lot of doctors, and on this program instead of getting a sticker or a lollipop for getting a needle or an X-Ray, or a test of some kind, they'd get a glass bead to represent that part of their medical journey.
I would encourage you to use the above link to read the rest of Laura's inspiring blog post.

Here is my tile this year in honor of Artoo, Laura's little superman!   


  1. Your A looks as though it has fallen and landed in a pile of beads. Clever effect

  2. This is probably one of the most original responses to the Challenge that I have see, Bright colours, plenty og patterns and not just a string of beads, which mine was. Great.

  3. Love the color and the resemblance to a room of bouncy balls. So uplifting!

  4. I love this colorful and playful tile!!!! Artoo will love it!

  5. So very cute! This is a frame and keep one!

  6. Very nice tile ! I love the colors.