Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2 New Zentangle Books!

I am honored and thrilled to be a part of two new Zentangle books!

The first is a by CZT, Beate Winkler from Germany, titled 101 Zentangle Patterns.  To date, the book is only published in German, but since it is a pattern book with pictures for all the step-outs, words aren't really necessary to appreciate and use this book.  While it has a lot of the original tangle patterns for Zentangle HQ, it has plenty of new and/or favorite patterns from others as well.  The individual pages are laid out very nice and it has a wonderful A-Z index in the back.  I think beginners and seasoned tanglers will find this book a very nice addition to your Zentangle library!

Two of my tangles are in the book; Tri-Po and Ceebee!  Such fun! 


The next book is by CZT, Beckah Krahula, titled 500 Tangled Artworks.  Beckah lives in Texas and you may recognize her as the author of One Zentangle A Day, another very popular Zentangle book.
As the tiles says, this book is a showcase of inspired illustrated designs!  If you love looking at, and being inspired by zentangle works of other tangle artists, then this is the book for you.  It is full of beautiful tiles, zendala's, ZIA's and more.  I find something new each time I look at it!

I am honored to have 3 of my pieces in this book (#014, 208, and 318)! 




  1. Thank you so much for being a part of works that will inspire and encourage creativity.

  2. Thanks for the info, Sue. I have the 500 Tangled Artworks & it is very inspiring. I'm amazed at how artists put different patterns together. That is very helpful to me. I now own 11 Zentangle books, plus I subscribe to, plus the Diva's challenge, plus your blog & 4 other tanglers' blogs. I don't have any time to tangle because I'm too busy looking at all these books & blogs. LOL!

    I love your blog:)

  3. Beautiful tangled art work Sue. Will look up the second book.Looks Very Good.Thanks

  4. Congrats!!! I just ordered the 500 Tangled Artworks from Amazon the other day and can't wait until it's delivered!