Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning News Show

I am happily participating in a worldwide effort to encourage the CBS Sunday Morning News Show to do a story about Zentangle!  Anyone that wanted to participate was asked to send a letter and a tile in a square envelope, and mail it on April 1st. You can read about the project on a newsletter from Rick and Maria, here and see some of the letters and tiles others have mailed in, here. Here's what went out in my mail today.

My tile

Sunday Morning Staff,
 I have been a fan of your news show for years!
 I would really love to see you do a story on Zentangle!  Zentangle is a fascinating method of art where you create beautiful images out of structured patterns, but it is also so much more.  The creators of Zentangle are Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  You can contact them at (rickandmaria@zentangle.com) or 508-234-6843.
 I discovered Zentangle following a 35 ½ year career.  I loved everything about this art method so I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in 2010, one of the first in the state of Colorado.  I began teaching in 2011 and have shared Zentangle with numerous people.  There are so many benefits to Zentangle (see their website) but for me it has got me creating art again!  Little did I know that I would start a blog, a business teaching art, participate in art shows, and be connected to CZT’s all over the world. 
 I am very passionate about Zentangle and there are many others that share this passion!  Rick and Maria are wonderful people who have given their gift of Zentangle to people all over the world!  I am sure that you would find this to be an excellent story to share on your show. 
 Sue Clark/CZT
 P.S. I am enclosing an original zentangle tile for you to see.
                                                    My letter


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  1. Love it. I agree with one of the comments about being a mouse in the corner when all our Zentangle mail hits at once!!! What a wonderful idea. I put mine in the mail and sent a copy to Rick and Maria. Can't wait to see all the lovely stories!