Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank You for MaryAnn

I love creating and giving zentangle inspired art pieces to family and friends.  I made this  piece for my sister, MaryAnn.  When she was out here in Colorado this summer helping me with my first art fair, I asked her if there was anything special she would like and she said a cross would be nice.  I have really been inspired by the work of Helen William at A Little Lime and since I have been playing with color, I thought I would try her Morning Glories along with the Mooka.  If you haven't seen Helen's work yet, be sure to check out the link.  I think her work is so delicate, organic, and lovely! She is also posting some good how-to video's that I find really useful.  I was happy with how this turned out, and MaryAnn loved it. 


  1. Hi Sue! Your ZIA looks beautiful. I love the shapes radiating out from the cross and you did a great job with the morning glories! They look so good with mooka :) So nice to hear that you are finding my blog helpful. Thanks for the link up :) helen

  2. Sue, your ZIA is very special, I am glad Helen has joined us to, she is sharing a wonderful flowing style.