Friday, November 23, 2012

Hearts & Horses

I have watched my niece (by choice), Lesley deal with the physical and mental ups and downs of living with M.S. for the past 10 years.  She does it all with a grace and determination I really admire.  She is no longer able to work because of her condition, but recently she started volunteering a couple of mornings a week at Hearts & Horses which is a therapeutic riding center.  Their mission is to promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well being of people with special needs through equine assisted therapy.  Lesley volunteers with the feeding and grooming of the horses, and she says the horses have given her so much more then she would have ever imagined.  What a blessing this wonderful organization is to so many people!  Lesley gave me a copy of their logo and asked if I could tangle it for her.  We were both happy with how it turned out.  Love you, Les!


  1. Heart-warming and inspiring, Lyn. Hippo-therapy is practiced at my local hospital, which has an anthoposophical philosophy (Rudolf Steiner) and places great emphasis on using natural ways to encourage and propogate healing and wellbeing. This also includes music and art therapy and many alternative medical procedures. Maybe your niece also takes the hippo-therapy. You don't say. But the closeness of these wonderful creatures is bound to be a great help, especially in long-term illness and disability.
    Oh....and I love the tangle, too!

  2. It's beautiful and it was heartwarming hearing about Lesley.