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Tangled Ink Art

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bejeweled Bijou CZT Swap on Facebook

If you follow the Zentangle world at all, then by now you have seen, or hopefully even tried the Zen Gems.  They are such a big hit on several FB groups now. Emily Classon, CZT from MA hosted a wonderful Bejeweled Bijou CZT Swap on FB.  We just had to create 10 Bijou tiles with gems and tangling and have them mailed to her by the end of January.  I believe there were 27 of us CZT's signed up for the swap.  My gems arrived yesterday and they are all so beautiful.  8 of them were from CZT's in the US, 1 from The Netherlands, and 1 from Singapore!  This CZT and Zentangle community is so cool to have people who all share this common interest from all over the US and the world!  I will frame these gems and hang them in my studio to share with my students.  Thanks you so much to all of the CZT's I received gems from, and of course to Emily for all of her work hosting this swap

Gems I received in the swap

Gems I created for the swap

 Emily, host of the swap

A little Thank You gift I sent to Emily for hosting
As you can see in her picture, she loves tiara's!


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