Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DIVA Challenge 243: Just a Tiny Taste

This week we had a fun and interesting challenge from the DIVA!  She told us to...

 INTENTIONALLY LEAVE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR TILE EMPTY.... giving the tile just a tiny taste of tangle.
I have to agree with Laura, that this challenge was harder then you would think!  We are so used to filling up our tiles, except for maybe a space or two, and leaving so much of the tile white was hard to do!

I did enjoy it though, so I did two tiles!


  1. Like them both. Bottom one is favorite.

  2. Wow Sue, these are both fantastic! I love how you used two corners with the Bronx Cheer/Pendrils, then stretched through the centre of the second tile with Betweed! Both beautiful, and beautifully done!

  3. Gorgeous! I love them both but the Betweed tile is brilliant!