Saturday, May 2, 2015

DIVA Challenge #215 Labyrinth

This week at the DIVA's challenge we are to create a labyrinth with Zentangle patterns.  Thank goodness Laura gave us some good links on how to create one.  My is quite basic and lacks a lot of imagination, but I got it done! I am way behind in my blog postings, challenges, and all things Zentangle. 


When I was in Santa Fe for Tangle U in April, I got the chance to walk a labyrinth at a church close to our hotel with CZT, Irena Lesner.  More to come on Tangle U later!


My sister, MaryAnn is here visiting from Wisconsin for a week and we are enjoying her company, which is way more important, because work is always here, but family isn't!  Cheers!


  1. Like it. Thought about doing nzeppel. Yours is good.

  2. Cool labyrinth! I love the NZeppel!

  3. I like the square lanyrinth of yours.