Monday, February 6, 2012

You Go Girl

Maria Thomas, Co-Founder of Zentangle did a recent blog post and listed all of the different items she has tangled on over the years.  It got me thinking about how many different things I have tangled, and while my list is not quite as long, I have done around 20+ items.  In her post, she also challenged us to draw a zentangle on something that challenges our sense of  "Oh my goodness,  I couldn't possibly do that!"  I have always hesitated tangling on my walls because they are so heavily textured...but a challenge is a challenge.  I did this before Christmas, at the top of my stairs.  It took my husband and daughter (who stayed a few nights during her college break) to realize it was drawn on the wall and not just a tile stuck behind the switch plate.  Very fun when they discovered it! 
So, since that was so much fun, I took an old wooden set of our house address (quite faded)  that had stenciled numbers and a stenciled apple on it and gave it a zentangle face lift.
Inside, that front door is an off white color and was awfully plain, until last Friday.  We had a snow day with 8 inches overnight that closed the schools and continued to snow most of the day.  We ended up with about a foot of snow, but it was much needed moisture.   What else could I do on a snow day......

 I had a class at my house on Saturday, and they all loved the front door!  Yes, I defiantly have that "YOU GO GIRL" feeling now!   When it warms up, the window next to the door is next, and maybe some of the squares on the garage door.  Oh, the list keeps growing....


  1. These look GREAT, Sue! What fun. I was taken in by the tile Maria had done on their back stairs - it looked like it had fallen on the floor and I bent down to pick it up. Rick got a huge chuckle out of that!

  2. My hubby would have a stroke if I tangled on the wall or the door! I love it!