Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Into The Wind

I was inspired to make some Zendalas after seeing some beautiful ones that were made by two very talented artists, Carole Ohl and Jo in NZ. Check out their amazing work-Carole Ohl at openseedarts.blogspot.com and Jo in NZ at nzjo.blogspot.com. On Jo's Flickr photostream she has instructions on how she creates mandalas/zendalas, which was very helpful to me. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!


  1. Thanks for the blog shout out, Sue. I also visited Jo's blog. Really fun!
    This zendala is beautiful. They all are! Math makes me sort of glaze over, so I really appreciate when someone knows how to use it in such a wonderful way :)

  2. Sue how do you do mandalas? I looked at nzjo.blogspot.com but could not find her instructions. This one is so beautiful.

  3. Hi Melinda, Thank You! I'll see if I can get you to Jo's instructions. Go to her website and in the upper right in green letters is a zentangles & doodles link. Once you go there, in about the 3rd paragraph is a link to her Flickr page-then on the right of her Flickr page is a title called Mandala's. When you open that the next to last line shows steps 1-6 on how she does hers. Take a minute of two to enjoy them-she has some beautiful ones. Hope this helps!