Tangled Ink Art

Tangled Ink Art

Friday, June 7, 2013

Black Zendala Tiles

Recently, Rick & Maria introduced the new black zendala tiles in their newsletter that you can see here: black zendala's.  As always, you can see some gorgeous work by Maria!  I played with some of them and tried out different pens, which I had on hand.  I would like to experiment with more, so if you know of something that has worked well for you, please let me know.  You can buy these tiles pre-strung, or blank.  For a limited time they are only available through a CZT.  Let me know if you'd like to purchase some. 

This was done with a Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen
This pen performs best with a really light touch.

This was done with a Sakura Metallic Silver Pen.

This was done with a Sakura Metallic Blue, Green, & Yellow Pen.
(The green pen looks silver on the black)


  1. Beautiful work! You did a good job photographing the metallic pens too!

  2. Lovely work on the black tiles. Congrats on being able to use the white pens. I've tried so many different ones - light touch or not I just don't do well with them. About the only thing I do with white pens is make white dots or hash marks on black filled areas on white tiles.

    If I want the look of white on a black tile I've switched to the Uni-ball Signo Silver. It's a bright silver that can almost appear white. Some of the other silver pens seem more gray or glittery. The Signo pens lay down a nice opaque cover and writes smoothly almost no skips or blobs like the white pens.

    JetPens carries to sizes:
    UM-153 Broad is 1.0mm http://tinyurl.com/lnvsxpx
    UM-100 is 0.8mm http://tinyurl.com/lzakc78

    FYI - of all the white pens I tried I had the most success with the Uni-ball Signo 153 white - I thought it dried the whitest of all but getting it to write consistently and smoothly was still to frustrating for me.

  3. You did a great job with these black tiles. So nice to see how different pens give a different result.
    My favorite is the first one with the Sakura Gelly roll.
    I have to try these black tiles once.